The Cure for Menstrual Headache

The Cure for Menstrual Headache
The Cure for Menstrual Headache

Mesoth.Net - Most women have a number of symptoms during their monthly menstrual cycle and one of them is the menstrual headache. It is believed that about 60 per cent of women will suffer from menstrual headaches out of which approximately 10 per cent only will experience migraines during the time of their monthly cycle only.

The Cause of Menstrual Headache

Women experience a great change in the levels of hormones during the menstrual period, progesterone and estrogen decline in the late stages of the cycle, which works as a trigger for the menstrual headache.

Other factors, which may also cause the menstrual headache, are the malfunction of platelets, low levels of magnesium and endorphins, which also cause other symptoms such as sadness and depressive moods.

The good news is that there are a variety of treatments available for successfully combating menstrual headaches and the associated discomfort that comes with it. Most of the menstrual drugs are available without prescription; they came in a variety of normal and extra strength which claim 6, 8 and 12 hours of extended relief.

Preventing Menstrual Headache

Unfortunately there are no medicines available to prevent the pain before it occurs. The medication that can be found in drug stores without prescription for combating menstrual discomfort is indicated to be taken as soon as you start getting the symptoms of your menstrual cycle and that should happen at least couple of days before the menstrual cycle begins. This will help you prevent the menstrual headache as well.

However if the headache persists and turns into a migraine you should consult your doctor for consultation and advice.

Helpful Tips For Menstrual Headache

Do not ignore the menstrual headaches just because you expect it every month and therefore put up with it. There are a number of treatments available to help you through this time of the month without having to go through any more discomfort than you already are.

Menstrual cycle times can be very difficult for some who experience mood swings, nausea from menstrual headaches and fatigue from loss of minerals and vitamins on top of the abdominal cramps. Medication today can help ease some of the pain arising from menstrual headaches while family and friends can help with lifting up your spirits and making sure you get nutritious food during this time of the month.

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