Focusing on TMJ Headaches

Focusing on TMJ Headaches
Focusing on TMJ Headaches

Mesoth.Net - TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. This is a joint on either side of your mouth, right under your ears that allows for the opening and closing of your mouth or mandible. TMJ headaches are technically a secondary headache, which simply means that they are caused by another problem that produces pain as a symptom. With TMJ headaches, the headaches are caused by a problem with the joint itself.

Other symptoms of TMJ problems can be popping or clicking of the joint when your mouth opens or closes the inability to move the jaw as well as you should be able to, earaches, and a myriad of other symptoms that can be problematic. TMJ headaches are caused by problems with the jaw joint itself, so the only real way to rid yourself of TMJ headaches is to fix the joint problem itself.

Treating TMJ Headache Problems

There are basically two options for helping a patient who has TMJ headaches. Generally, it is a better idea to try and fix the problem with your TMJ instead of just medicating the symptom, or headache. To help TMJ headaches, you can use non-surgical or surgical methods. Generally, doctors try to use non-surgical means first, but will resort to surgical methods if the problem doesn’t respond to treatment.

Physical therapy can include jaw exercises, ultrasound therapy and special appliances to wear in your mouth that help take the pressure off of the jaw itself. Medications such as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medicines may also be used as well. These are just a few of the ways doctors can help you solve your TMJ, and once you solve those problems, your TMJ headaches should be alleviated.

Surgery for TMJ is a pretty serious step to take, but if that is what it takes to banish your TMJ headaches, it may be worth it. One surgical option is to receive implants to relieve pressure on the joint, which can lead to reduced TMJ headaches. Surgery can also be used to reposition the entire structure of the jaw, but this is only used in extreme cases.

TMJ headaches can make your life miserable. By finding information on the problem and even seeking out a second opinion, you can probably treat your problems with therapy. Any doctor who wants to operate without trying physical therapy first is not the right doctor for your problem. With therapy, and if absolutely necessary, surgery, your TMJ headaches will disappear as long as the problem is corrected properly.

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