Fighting a Stress Headache

Fighting a Stress Headache
Fighting a Stress Headache

Mesoth.Net - Stress headache, also known as tension headache, is painful and annoying. It is normally described as a persistent, dull, pulsing, achy feeling on both sides of the head. They usually start in the middle of the day and increase in effectiveness as time wears on, going from bad to worse in a few minutes. Normally, a doctor can properly diagnose a stress headache just by listening to a description of your symptoms. In some other cases, however, a full scan and some blood testing may be needed to gather more information.

Generally, fighting a stress headache is simply a matter of getting an over-the-counter medication from a pharmacy as the pain reliever usually helps. You should, however, check all labels on all pain medication you intend to take to ensure that the side effects are not severe as to inflict an interruption on your normal way of doing things. If you are heading to work, for example, you would not want a headache medicine that could end up making you drowsy or giving you an uncontrollable set of spasms. Ensure that the medication to fight your stress headache does not conflict with any other medication.

When To See A Doctor For Stress Headache

If you are experiencing a stress headache with greater frequency, it may be time to consult your medical professional and see your family doctor. Do not be afraid to describe any symptoms to your doctor so as to get a fair and balanced opinion of the possible issue with consideration given to all of the facts. Your doctor should be working with as much evidence about your stress headache symptoms as possible so as to recommend a probable treatment in as short a time as possible. As the symptoms worsen with time, a quick visit is advantageous.

Your doctor may end up prescribing medication that is an ongoing procedure. This may require the daily ingestion of pills, even if you do not have a headache. Always follow instructions, as the pills may help ward off any headaches that may be pending and may correct any brain chemical reaction that might end up being the cause of your stress headache. The doctor knows best and his instructions should be followed to the letter in all circumstances as he has your best interest in mind. Do not try to self-medicate for a long periods of time or if symptoms do not disappear.

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