Dealing with Chronic Tension Headaches

Dealing with Chronic Tension Headaches
Dealing with Chronic Tension Headaches

Mesoth.Net - Chronic tension headaches are the most common types of headache. It is believed that approximately 90 per cent of the population has had at least one chronic headache in their lives.

How Does Chronic Tension Headache Manifest?

This type of headache can last you anywhere from 4-6 hours to days at a stretch. It is essential that you treat it right away and/or contact a doctor if it persists. The pain in chronic tension headaches will be pulsating and present on both sides of the head at the same time. The pain will continue down the neck almost paralyzing your entire body with the pain. Many have reported to experience blurred vision, nausea and fatigue as well.

The exact cause of chronic tension headaches is still unknown but it is believed that the levels of serotonin may play a big part in it. This conclusion was drawn from the fact that the headaches can be successfully treated with some antidepressants which act by increasing the levels of serotonin.

Tension of the muscle is believed to be another cause, which may derive from clenching teeth, long hours in front of the computer and/or watching television. Stress, insomnia, sleeping disorders and emotional distress are also some of the factors that may cause chronic tension headaches.

Treatment Of Chronic Tension Headache

There are many types of treatments available for chronic tension headaches however, due to the fact that an exact reason of the cause is not known, natural remedies are recommended such as: swimming regularly, massage, acupuncture and other relaxing activities.

The common used medications for chronic tension headaches are Amitriptyline and Mirtazapine.

Helpful Tips About Chronic Tension Headache

Those of us who have had at least one real bad headache in our lifetime, which lasted a few days, know to reach out for help when a headache strikes. You never know how healthy you are until a part of your body is ailing and especially if you have a chronic tension headache.

Try using natural remedies for relief of pains and aches as much as possible however, when everything fails, it is good to know that you have medication which can get rid of the pain so, keep some pain relievers handy.

The use of powerful drugs which claim to cure chronic tension headaches have some side effects, which can be avoided by using natural remedies instead. Another good practice is to try as much as possible to avoid getting such types of headaches and in order to prevent you must keep a record of the things you think may have caused the headache in the first place. Thus, you will be able to avoid overdoing those things and with it avoid the headache too.

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