Chronic Headache Cause And Treatment Information

Chronic Headache Cause And Treatment Information
Chronic Headache Cause And Treatment Information

Mesoth.Net - There are many underlying chronic headache causes, but these may not always be due to some disease and may, instead be a result of migraine and other forms of tension. Headaches caused by tension are the most common forms of headaches and though it is quite widely prevalent the root chronic headache causes have still not been fully understood. Chronic headaches are a result of diffused pain that range from mild headaches to medium intensity headaches.

The person suffering a chronic headache may feel like something tight has been wound around his head and the pain continues to affect even the lower back of the neck and some parts of the base of the skull. Quite often, an absence of clear information on the cause of a chronic headache has left the medical fraternity groping in the dark even though there are quite a few treatments available for it. Taking adequate care like inculcating healthy habits and trying out non-drug chronic headache treatments as well as self-care treatment are some of the ways to cope.

There are varying degrees of severity of chronic headaches, which can last as little as 30 minutes or span an entire week and they can occur once in a while or happen everyday (see chronic daily headaches). Usually a headache that occurs every two days for a number of months is termed chronic. What is worse is that chronic headaches may continue to afflict the person for years on end. In addition, these headaches may occur more in the case of women than for men though the symptoms and duration are mostly the same.

Possible Chronic Headache Cause #1 – Migraine And Tension

While the actual chronic headache causes are still not totally known; migraine and tension are suspected to be the main causes. People whose parents or other family members have suffered from chronic headaches are more likely to fall prey to chronic headaches than others. It may not entirely be due to genetic reasons though it may be one of the manifold reasons for having such a headache. There is also considerable difference of opinion whether chronic headache and chronic migraine are really two sides of the same coin or not, since both affect a person in similar ways.

Possible Chronic Headache Cause #2 – Anxiety, Depression And Stress

Another possible chronic headache cause is anxiety, depression and stress. People who suffer from chronic headaches will more likely also experience a fair amount of anxiety and depression as compared with other forms of headaches. Even in children chronic headaches behave in much the same way and may be caused by anxiety, depression and stress.

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