How To Recognize a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

How To Recognize a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid
How To Recognize a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Mesoth.Net - Many people think that hemorrhoids are due to an inactive lifestyle.  However, in actuality most people will suffer from hemorrhoids, in varying degrees, at some point in their lives.  But how to recognize a thrombosed hemorrhoid? We will try to figure this out in this section.

All of us have the same stretched out veins in our rectums.  However, not all of us will have these veins inflamed to the point that they become hemorrhoids.  There are a lot of factors that cause hemorrhoids and many of these cannot be evaded.  Some of these factors include frequent toilet visits, child birth, severe coughing, prolonged sitting, and lifting heavy objects.

It’s possible for hemorrhoids to exist in your rectum for many years and you would not be able to tell.  These only become noticeable when they enlarge.  The added pressure on the blood vessels caused by simple things such as sitting down, using the bathroom, and straining during bowel movements will aggravate the hemorrhoid and bring the condition to a point that is noticeable and will need treatment.

As a result, the hemorrhoid gets larger and then one starts to feel irritated around the anus and one could also experience anal bleeding.  Pain is also another major symptom of enlarged hemorrhoids, so much that sometimes it could even be painful just to walk.

When hemorrhoids form a clot, they are called thrombosed hemorrhoids.  Thrombosed hemorrhoids are the type of hemorrhoid for which you should seek immediate medical help in order to treat them.  At this point, it will be hard to make the symptoms of hemorrhoids go away because the hemorrhoid has reached such a seasoned stage.  Because blood supply has been cut off from the hemorrhoid, the large thrombosis forms.

Ok, but how do i recognize a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

It’s actually  rather easy to tell if hemorrhoids are thrombosed.  While most hemorrhoids are small and located inside or near the anus, thrombosed hemorrhoids will have protruded outside of the anus and it will be easy to detect them when wiping yourself or by feeling yourself in that area.

There are cases where the thrombosed hemorrhoid remains small.  However, you could still tell what kind of hemorrhoid it is by the pain it produces.  If you can easily feel your hemorrhoid then it is thrombosed.  And if it’s causing discomfort bleeding, or pain it’s well on it’s way to turning into a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Not all thrombosed hemorrhoids require surgery.  Creams, ointments, and other remedies can be used to attempt to shrink the size.  Shrinking the size of the hemorrhoid will have the same effect with the pain.  If problems continue, you should consult a doctor for professional help.

By : dr. Mary Collings

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