Hemorrhoids Myths

Hemorrhoids Myths

Mesoth.net - There are many myths about hemorrhoid’s causes, symptoms, and treatment. Below are some hemorrhoids myths :

Myth: Hemorrhoid can turn into cancer

Hemorrhoids are enlarged and swollen rectal veins, whereas cancer is caused by cells that divide out of control. Hemorrhoids do not lead to cancer of the colon or rectum (or colorectal cancer). In some rare cases, however, people with colorectal cancer are more susceptible to hemorrhoids. This is because of extra pressure on the rectal veins imposed by the growing tumor.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids can be very similar to colorectal cancer, so please see your doctor if you have the following symptoms: blood on the stool and rectal bleeding, as well as rectal pain.

Myth: Black pepper causes hemorrhoids

When consumed in moderate amounts, black pepper does not cause hemorrhoids. In some people, however, spicy foods can create rectal itchiness and irritation.

Myth: Sitting on the sidewalk can cause hemorrhoids

The myth of hemorrhoids caused by sitting on a cold concrete sidewalk is quite popular in Asian communities. However, there is no truth to it – sitting on the sidewalk will not cause hemorrhoids.

Myth: Only older people get hemorrhoids

In hemorrhoids, weak and distended rectal veins become inflammed and swollen. In most people, vein walls become weaker as they grow older, thus making them more susceptible to hemorrhoids.

However, increased pressure on rectal veins due to bad bathroom habits (such as reading on the toilet or straining during elimination), poor diets, lack of exercise and prolonged periods of sitting or standing, at any adult age, can lead to hemorrhoids.

Myth: Anal sex can create hemorrhoids

Anal sex does not create hemorrhoids, although it can certainly irritate existing ones.

Myth: There is nothing you can do to heal hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are very common – it is estimated that more than half of Americans develop hemorrhoids by the age of 50.

If you have hemorrhoids, there are steps you can do to relieve the pain, burning, itching, and discomfort. For temporary relief, you can use sitz bath and topical analgesic. For severe hemorrhoids, sometimes surgeries may be the only viable answer.

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