Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy
Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy

Mesoth.net - Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a common health issue.  Pregnant women are at a much higher risk of getting hemorrhoids.  As the body of pregnant women changes, this puts more pressure on the females anorectal area.

This can produce internal as well as external hemorrhoids.  Developing hemorrhoids is also increased by giving birth due to the amount of pressure placed on the anorectal region during labor.

Pregnant Women – The Causes of Hemorrhoids

  • The pressure produced by the expanding uterus forms hemorrhoids during pregnancy.  This also places additional pressure on the female’s pelvic region and the vena cava
  • Hormonal changes cause the hemorrhoidal vessels to expand
  • During childbirth, severe pressure occurs to the hemorrhoidal veins
  • Frequent constipation during pregnancy increases straining and presure during bowel movements

Treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy

It’s important to let your doctor know that you experience what you believe to be hemorrhoids.  This is because other conditions that are not hemorrhoids can cause similar symptoms.

Treatments for hemorrhoids during pregnancy focus on

  • relieving symptoms
  • increasing fiber and fluids to relieve pressure within the hemorrhoidal veins
  • modifying bowel habits

Recommended treatment options include

warm baths 20-30 mintues long, 4 to 5 times daily
ice packs for external hemorrhoids applied for 15 minutes 3 or 4 times daily
include more fiber and fluids in diet
stool softeners
pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil
over-the-counter creams

Diet – Fiber Sources

  • fruits
  • vegetables (carrots & green vegetables)
  • whole grains
  • bran

It’s a good idea to address this problem in its early stages because it is more easily treatable with natural treatments rather than having to rely to any type of surgery.  Plus, with natural cures for hemorrhoids there are usually no side effects unlike many of the prescribed medicines.

For more information on natural cures for hemorrhoids and also usable information about changing your lifestyle to prevent further hemorrhoids you may want to check out the hemorrhoid miracle system.

By : dr. Mary Collings

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