What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?

What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?
Finding out what causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy is the first step to curing it.

What Comes With Being Pregnant

Pregnancy should be an exciting and cheerful experience for any woman. Just the fact that you are carrying something precious inside you is reason enough to be happy. Some women go through this without any hassle whatsoever, while there are also some who has to go through a rough pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your hormones become imbalanced, thus the morning sickness, significant bodily changes, and sadly, hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are common among pregnant women during and after pregnancy.

Hemorrhoid Causes

If you feel or suspect that you have hemorrhoids, don’t be alarmed. Well, yet. Pregnant women are prone to hemorrhoids but they usually disappear after giving birth once your system returns to normal. They are expected to come out due to the fact that your veins in the rectal region are pressured by the weight of your uterus. As your child grows inside you, your uterus expands thus the pressure on your veins. Another factor that contributes to the intense pressure on your anal area is the increased amount of blood that flows into the veins. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman.

Being Constipated

Pregnant women are prone to constipation which can still be attributed to hormonal changes. When you are constipated, you strain too hard during bowel movement. This causes the veins to be pressured and the hemorrhoids to form. Bleeding can even occur once your hemorrhoids become irritated and inflamed causing it to rupture. This is the reason why pregnant women are encouraged to eat fibrous foods and take supplements.

Preventing Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Fortunately, you can make your pregnancy a happy experience. You can actually avoid hemorrhoids from forming if you take care of your body. Watch what you eat. If you are fond of eating spicy foods, you better think twice now. Avoid food which are high in sugar as well as they can cause constipation. Instead, go for leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. They are not only good for you but great for your baby as well. Drink lots of water and fresh juices.

Relief for Hemorrhoids

If you haven’t prevented hemorrhoids from forming however, there are still several treatments for you to choose from. For quick relief, put an icepack to the affected area to minimize the swelling. You can also apply hemorrhoidal creams or ointments as long as your doctor advises that they are safe to use.

By : dr Mary Collings

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