Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids

Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoids can turn into a very painful condition affecting the anus and rectum if not treated properly.  Even though people are embarrassed to discuss this problem, it is important to understand what it is and how it can be cured.

There are many treatments that will effectively treat this condition. Taking advantage of a natural cure for hemorrhoids might be the best option if the hemorrhoids are in its initial stages and are more easily repressed.  This section will give helpful information to anyone who is seeking natural cures for hemorrhoids.

Numerous over-the-counter remedies promise quick relief to the rectal area.  Unfortunately, these remedies mainly focus on a quick, temporary relief and are not able to give long-term relief.  These OTC medicines reduce the pain, but ignore the root cause of hemorrhoids.  Thus, it is best to use natural remedies and vital lifestyle changes to target the hemorrhoids problems.

Bowel Movements

Because hemorrhoids surface in a lot of cases due to constipation, adding fiber and grains to your diet will ease bowel movements and will also help reduce constipation.  A diet rich in fibers will help prevent the painful bumps that surface in the anus that make sitting and bowel cleansing tenuous.  Making eating fresh fruits and vegetables a daily routine will help to impede constipation and in turn tackle hemorrhoids.

Drinking too much alcohol is a bad idea because it can lead to constipation or worsen further your current constipation.  Try to avoid the consumption of alcohol to reduce the risk of constipation and so that you can more easily treat mild hemorrhoids.  Consumption of caffeine is not recommended either because it dehydrates the body by depriving it of fluids and in turn aggravates constipation.  Taking in a good amount of fluids across the day is one powerful, natural way to cure hemorrhoids.

Herbal Remedies

Two natural treatments for hemorrhoids that are very effecting in healing hemorrhoids are Zenmed ziro and venapro.  Another great natural cure for hemorrhoids is to add flavonoids in your diet.  What are flavonoids?  They are found in many fruits and veggies and are known for their healing powers in relieving the pain, reducing the inflammation and strengthening the veins to help fight hemorrhoids.

Butcher’s broom, a herbal remedy that helps shrink the swollen tissues and provides relief from the pain, works by helping circulation, constipation, and water retention.  It can be made into an ointment by combining it with powder and applying it to the affected part of the body.  If also mixed with the intake of tea or capsules, it becomes a powerful healing method for hemorrhoids.

Another natural treatment for hemorrhoids is the psyllium seed.  These seed helps to soften the stool and improves the bowel movement.  This directly targets the hard stool which can worsen hemorrhoids due to the straining required during bowel cleansing.  Beets work great as well.  Because they are rich in manganese, potassium and folate, these greens help reduce inflammation and constipation.

Taking warm water baths for 10-15 minutes three to four times a day or as needed is very helpful to ease the inflammation and pain.  Warm water helps the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

It’s a good idea to address this problem in its early stages because it is more easily treatable with natural treatments rather than having to rely to any type of surgery.  Plus, with natural cures for hemorrhoids there are usually no side effects unlike many of the prescribed medicines.

By : dr. Mary Collings

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