Common Hemorrhoids Causes

Common Hemorrhoids Causes
Common Hemorrhoids Causes - The formation of hemorrhoids (Piles) are normally caused by continues pressure on the rectal and anal area. Hemorrhoids are basically just swollen blood vessels which form small lumps around the anus ring. This constant pressure on this region often comes from chronic constipation. Constipation makes people strain every time they pass bowel which induces the formation of hemorrhoids.

Lifting heavy objects and sitting still for long periods of time also puts a large amount of pressure on the rectal area, increasing the risk of causing hemorrhoids to form.

The most frequent hemorrhoids causes are:

  • Constant sitting
  • Straining with bowel movements (from constipation or hard stools)
  • Diarrhea
  • Sitting on the toilet for a long time
  • Severe coughing
  • Childbirth
  • Heavy Lifting

What are the most common hemorrhoids causes?

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids are very easy and quick to form.

The two main hemorrhoids causes are Constipation and Diarrhea. The first cause, constipation, is normally most common in people that do little or no exercise. This limited movement can cause chronic constipation which almost always produces some for of hemorrhoids. This constipation causes unnecessary pressure at the base of the anal canal, which over time effects the blood flow in this area which leads to internal hemorrhoids. If this continues, external hemorrhoids may form.

The second most common hemorrhoids cause is Diarrhea. The increased irritation caused by Diarrhea induces swelling in blood vessels in the anal canal and hemorrhoidal cushion.

Stop eating! Hemorrhoids can be caused by obesity

Hemorrhoids are often related to obesity. An obese body is completely unfit and is unable to create proper bowel movements. The typical junk food driven obesity is even more dangerous because junk foods increase the chance constipation and hinder bowel movement by causing dehydration.

Hemorrhoids Pregnancy

Pregnancy related hemorrhoids are also very common, especially if the woman has never had hemorrhoids before their pregnancy. Pregnancy causes the rectum to be under great pressure at all times and can cause hemorrhoids to appear temporarily. After the birth, they easily subside on their own without any intervention whatsoever.

In fact most hemorrhoids do not need direct intervention and will go away on their own if the strain and pressure is removed from the rectal area. Hence hemorrhoids will begin to reduce on their own if you cease to sit for long stretches, improve bowel movements and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Other factors that contribute to the causes of hemorrhoids include :

  • Aging
  • Heredity
  • Bouts of diarrhea
  • Using laxatives

You can help the course of your recovery by following certain guidelines. The first rule is to never rub them or aggravate them physically in anyway.

Need a hemorrhoid treatment now?

If you’re finding it difficult to cope with hemorrhoids you should talk to your doctor or alternatively if you’d like to get something that can start working straight away using the reviewed treatments.

By : dr. Mary Collings

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